The label mix modern products with loving handmade jewelry.
Our mission is sustainable fashion. 
Our goal is remember that you can feel bloom!
Our soul is love the beauty of the world.
Our wish is to be better and happier everyday.


The Designer

Originally from the sun-kissed shores of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mecha Benapple has always let sustainability and her love of nature guide her designs. Having studied design at FADU UBA, a university dedicated to design, she learned the techniques that have been used in creating unique pieces for centuries as well as the modern lines that we have come to love today. As a fashion designer in Argentina, she designed her own sustainable fashion label before moving to the Austin, TX to found Mechalita, a company dedicated to bringing women and nature closer through feminine, delicate designs and craftsmanship guided by ethical standards and sustainable materials. Every piece is 100 percent vegan, cruelty-free and fair-trade.




Designer team

When she was studying design she started working as a teacher in fashion design and working with her best friends from the university in production. So she was immersed in clothes, accessories, fashion films and runways.

Now and with all that experience, Mechalita label has the pleasure to design and producing in alliance with her favorite people back in Argentina and around the world.

As a Vegan, Mercedes works with no cruelty to animals and design with materials that do not harm the environment. The packaging can be recycled, is printed with earth friendly water inks and all is 100% home compost friendly.